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Learn surfing – it has been my dream for long time. Now I know – it is my new passion, my sport, addiction and my next destination.

Surfing is amazing sport, that can do everybody, no matter gender, age or physical level. Surfing is more than sport. It connects your body, mind and soul. It relaxes you, refresh your mind, clean your thoughts and you find peace inside.

Surfing is a highly effective whole-body workout. You will improve your balance, flexibility,  develop full body strength, muscles and endurance, you will have quicker reaction you will become faster and stronger.

Surfing brings so much fun! Sun, sea, beach, salty water, sun and friends around – what can bring more happiness?


The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun. – Phil Edwards

We will provide you will all necessary surf equipment, surf transport, professional instructors and friendly environment. All you need is to take smile, swimwear, towel and sunscreen. 
Fuerteventura is perfect location for all year round surfing. We have endless-summer, sunshine everyday, warm water and summer weather all year.
You can come all year for professional surf lessons, in both private and groups.


1 day
45 € day
  • 1 day unforgettable experience 
  • Learn new sport
  • Get addicted
3 days
120 € 3 days
  • 3 days of freedom
  • Surf Fun and Sea
  • Learn surfing
6 days
215 € 6 days
  • 6 days of being surfer
  • Fall in love with the ocean, get a new passion
  • Improve your surfing skills


Surfing lessons

In our surfcamp you will be provided with professional, safe, high quality surfing lessons. Our goal is to teach you surfing, keep you safe and make you have fun. Qualified and certified instructors will teach you surfing techniques, surfing etiquette, will ensure safety and fun, will be together with you in the water and will help you to catch waves. 

During surfing lesson you will be provided with high-tech, top quality surfboards, wetsuits, leashes, necessary surf equipment and insurance. With our surftransport you will be delivered to the best surfing spot of that day. Every day we are searching for the best conditions and waves according to students level. Our school’s perfect location has opportunity to go to more than 6 different surfing spots. You will be able to learn surfing in both – beachbreaks and reefbreaks. 

We are providing surf lessons for beginners, intermediate and advance level surfers.


Beginners surf lessons are combined for people who have never surfed before, or had just couple or few surfing lessons. 

During beginners surfing lessons first you will have technical, theoretical part on the beach. Professional and friendly surf instructors will explain you about ocean, currents, waves. You will be introduced to surf equipment, how to handle surf board at the shore, in the water. You will be explained about safety rules, surfing etiquette. 
Before entering into water, surf instructors will explain and teach in steps take off techniques, how to pop-up, stand up on the surf board. Once you stand up, instructors will explain how to correct body position.

After theoretical part on the beach, together with instructor, you will enter into water. You will learn how to balance your surf board, how to lay down, glide in the white water. And in the first surf lesson, you will take your first wave!

During beginners surf lessons you will learn paddling techniques, take-off techniques in whitewater, every day you will have theory and practice in the water. After you start to take your first waves, instructors will work with you to correct your take-offs, will teach you how to turn the board, acceleration/ stalling techniques, how to get to the line-up. Once you will learn this, you will go for green waves, and instructors will teach you how to catch and take off in green waves. You will be taught turning the board, paddling for green waves, straight take off and take off frontside/backside. 
Every day surfing instructors will be together with you, will teach you and will correct you individually to improve your surfing skills and push your surfing level. 
We ensure fun and best quality surfing lessons.


If you have already completed beginners surf lessons and you are passionate to improve your surfing, learn new techniques, become better surfer, Intermediate surf lessons is right for you.

During this surf course, professional surf instructors will identify your surfing level and will teach you to correct and improve paddling techniques, take offs in green waves, surfing frontside and backside, backside railgrab, duckdive, eskimoroll, bottom turn, cutback. You will be able to try and surf different surf boards, like fishes, evolutions, minimalibus, malibus.

Intermediate level surfing lessons are recommended for those who are serious about surfing and want to learn more. 

Advanced level 

If you are already free surfer and you want to become a real ripper, advanced level surf course is your perfect choice! You will take advantage of our surfing instructors, who will take you to the best and local surfing spots, will introduce you to the best local waves and will guide you through all trip. 

During Advanced Level surfing course you will learn advanced level surfing manoeuvres, you will understand wave mechanics, speed and power, you will be able to predict surfing conditions and customise your own surf boards.  

Our surfing instructors will give you advices, tips, will correct your mistakes, and will teach you new surfing tricks and manoeuvres. 


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